WELCOME to Mersham Cycling

Mersham Cycling is home to an enthusiastic and multi-disciplinary group of cyclists of mixed abilities and fitness levels.

Road Cycling


We have regulate road cycling groups departing each week from Mersham Village in Kent on Wednesday evenings, Saturday and Sunday Mornings in summer, and Saturday mornings only in the winter months. 

Rides normally leave at 9.30 am and arrive back in Mersham at about 12.30


Distances covered on Wednesday evenings are around 25 miles and Saturdays between 45 and 60 miles.


The Sunday morning mixed section ride on and will cover between 20 and 30 miles.

Mountain Biking (Gravel Bikes Welcome)

The Mountain Biking group meets regularly but on an adhoc basis and rides the woods, single tracks and bridleways of the region.

The Club

The club takes part in several sportives throughout the year in the UK and will go aboard once or twice a year to take part in events or take on iconic challenges such as the great climbs of the Tour de France, or even participate in multi-day events such as a pre season training camp in Majorca in April.

This are open to both road and MTB disciplines. 



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